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Cutting Down on Packaging Waste at the Holidays

By Splash Packaging Team Dec 20, 2013 Packaging Resources

The holidays are a wonderful- and wasteful- time of year. An astonishing one fifth of the country’s annual garbage load is produced during the holidays, making it especially important to reduce waste wherever possible. The abundance of gift boxes, gift wrap, tissue paper, ribbons, and bags that surround us over the holidays make this difficult–…

The Key to Effective Packaging, Part 2

By Splash Packaging Team Dec 18, 2013 Packaging Resources

In part 1 of Splash Packaging’s series on effective packaging, we discussed how to get consumers’ attention. In part 2, we will examine your package’s written copy and how it contributes to convincing the sale. First, don’t put too much information on the principal display panel. Consumers rarely read every word, especially on food packaging:…

Sustainability in Packaging

By Splash Packaging Team Dec 13, 2013 Packaging Resources

Today’s consumer is environmentally savvy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want attractive packaging. Balancing the need for eye-catching design with sustainable packaging products has quickly become a priority, though it is not always easy to achieve. Packaging must serve many purposes, primarily protecting the product during transit and making it look attractive on the…

The Key to Effective Packaging, Part 1

By Splash Packaging Team Dec 11, 2013 Packaging Resources

Your product’s packaging works very hard. It has to stand out in a sea of similar products and grab the customer’s attention– all in only 2 seconds. If it fails, the consumer moves on without your product in their shopping bag. In the first installment of this 2-part series, we will discuss the techniques for…

Tips for Selecting the Best Menu Covers

By Splash Packaging Team Dec 06, 2013 Restaurant supplies

For restaurant and hotel owners, selecting menu covers is one of the most important decisions to be made. It gives customers a vivid impression of the quality and care that goes into your establishment and its food. Before you decide on your covers’ material and design, consider these tips from Splash Packaging. Know Yourself –…

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