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Dec 13

Sustainability in Packaging

Today’s consumer is environmentally savvy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want attractive packaging. Balancing the need for eye-catching design with sustainable packaging products has quickly become a priority, though it is not always easy to achieve. Packaging must serve many purposes, primarily protecting the product during transit and making it look attractive on the shelf. The packaging industry has received stiff criticism for its heavy use of resources, but strides are being taken to minimize waste and enhance sustainability.


Creating environmentally friendly packaging products that use fewer materials has been achieved with promising success, particularly in the furniture industry. These items have a reputation for being over-packaged, and trimming out superfluous materials with clever design hasn’t been difficult. Smaller items are more challenging, as there is little wiggle-room for material removal. Luckily, when reducing isn’t a viable option there are still two ways to package sustainably:

Reusing and Recycling

Material selection is just as effective as material reduction in packaging products. Plastic, once the material of choice, is now frowned upon by many consumers for its inability to biodegrade. Recycled paper and cardboard sub in well for small plastic parts, while reclaimed timber from known sources works in place of timber from unknown sources for larger items. When plastic is unavoidable, designers can combine materials in ways that make them more easily recycled. Use of vintage materials and “up-cycled” (upgraded pre-used) products is also on the rise, creating clever packaging products that are both smart and stunning.

What Sustainability Costs

Adjusting your packaging designs for sustainability is challenging, but it’s a one-off investment that pays real dividends down the road. First, by meeting the demands of today’s earth-conscious buyer, you will boost sales. Second, using less packaging means buying fewer materials, which saves you money over time.

Sustainability isn’t just a trend, and will continue to be a relevant concern for the packaging design industry. Splash Packaging understands the importance of providing earth-friendly packaging products and offers environmental information on all our items to help customers make an informed decisions. All our plastic shopping bags, paper bags, bows, boxes and more are made with care, and are designed to be as functional as they are fun to look at. For more information on our wholesale packaging services, Contact Us or call 877-699-0529.



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