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Dec 25

Increasing the Use of Paper Shopping Bags

Retail stores around the world, such as supermarkets and clothing boutiques, use paper shopping bags in order to safely pack purchased items for customers. While many stores still opt to use plastic, an increasing number of businesses are considering converting to paper as it offers numerous benefits.

The following is a list of advantages your business can receive by using paper merchandise bags:

  • Protection. Paper shopping bags are sturdy and durable, making them the best option for protection of products during transportation by car or foot. When customers receive a paper bag for their purchases, they are extremely appreciative as the packaging significantly reduces the risk of damage.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Paper shopping bags are a much better choice for the environment than other options, such as plastic bags. Paper packaging is made from a renewable natural resource, and is also biodegradable and easily recycled.
  • Increased Brand Image. Businesses that use paper packaging tend to enjoy a more attractive brand image than those businesses that do not. First of all, paper bags can be printed in a variety of high quality graphics, colors and textures, which create a strong brand image for the business. Secondly, paper bags, which are sustainable, strengthen brand image by sending the message that the business truly cares about the environment.

Many retailers throughout the world have discovered the advantages to using paper bags, such as those listed above, and have already made the change from plastic to paper. Today, an increasing number of businesses are following suit.

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