As a close-knit team of packaging designers with decades in the industry, we know that sustainability and cost-effectiveness are paramount for any brand. And that's why we started Splash: to give brands good-looking stock packaging that isn't hard to match to your style, unfairly priced, or bad for the environment.

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Here’s a sobering piece of data: in 2018, containers and packaging contributed 30% of community solid waste in the US. That’s 82.2 million tons of packaging that’s not getting repurposed or recycled, and that’s a problem. As e-commerce continues to explode year after year, the amount of packaging that we inevitably toss in the trash…

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Jun 22

The paper bag is a simple invention; carefully constructed for the purpose of transporting items from one place to another. But where did the paper bag get its roots? How did it rise to popularity as a grocery bag, lunch bag, and retail shopping bag? Let’s find out! What did people use before the invention…

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Feb 02

Sometimes your stock packaging just needs a little extra sparkle to stand out among the rest. When implementing a stock packaging program for your business, emphasize some of the finishing touches and accessories and your customers will take notice. Luckily, some of the easiest ways to brighten up your packaging are also the most affordable! Splash…

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Feb 03

Everyone is raving about this unique gift box system! Gift boxes are a great asset to retailers who sell specialty items, especially around the holiday season. Many retailers like to provide a complimentary box for customers that can be wrapped, reused, or gifted as-is. This is appealing to customers because it saves them time and…

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Oct 31

The idea of recycling is promoted and advertised constantly, but do you ever wonder what happens to your recycled items after they reach the bin? Recycling is widely regarded as a positive action, and is highly supported in the packaging industry, but many people don’t know how recycling actually works. There are different processes in…

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Aug 31

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