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Jul 30

The Power of Gift Card Packaging

It’s all in the presentation. From out-of-the-box ideas like placing the card in a unique container to creating a themed experience, there are lots of ways to up the “wow” factor when giving a gift card. Unique gift card packaging solutions enhance the gifting experience, get consumers to focus on your brand, help increase your gift card sales and create impulse gift card buying with their unique ability to stand out at retail.

Gift cards are no longer considered the “lazy” way out and preferred by most. Creative gift card packaging makes the experience better and has many other benefits for retailers.

  • Trendy – Gift cards are trendy and their packaging plays an important role among consumers.
  • More Appealing – Research has shown that 48% of consumers think that gift cards look too simple and 33% of consumers say they would buy more gift cards if they were available in better packages!
  • Increase Returns – Research shows that consumers are willing to pay extra for better gift card packaging.
  • Effective Mailing Solutions – The ability to purchase gift cards online makes sending gifts by post an important factor for consumers.

A unique gift card deserves unique packaging. Here are some ideas to increase the appearance of gift card packaging:

Unique Containers – Think Chinese take-out boxes in vibrant colors, fun lunch bags, coffee mugs filled with coffee beans or even decorated acrylic boxes. Virtually anything can be turned into a fun container that can hold a gift card. The point is to go beyond a simple envelope.

Create a Theme – Unleash your creativity and attach a gift card to a beautiful decorative plate or present a movie lover with a movie gift card nestled inside a popcorn bag. Go even bigger by having pre-planned events (babysitter arranged and all) with pre-paid gift cards for a day of shopping or a visit to the spa.

The More the Merrier – Another fun idea is to combine several lower-priced gift cards for things like pizza, coffee, movies and shopping and packaging them in a cute wallet or purse. This is especially popular with teens.

With over two decades of experience, Splash Packaging experts have many creative solutions for gift card presenters, restaurant packaging and designing merchandise bags to fit your customer’s needs. Whether you are sprucing up plastic gift bags or creating gift card packaging to wow your clients, allow Splash Packaging to be your company’s in-stock packaging products supplier. Contact the gift card packaging specialists at 877-699-0529 or contact us online. We will help you make those plastic gift bags or merchandise bags sparkle so clients will always remember your name and brand.

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