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Aug 13

Product Spotlight: Natural Kraft Bags

Natural Kraft bags are made in the U.S. and are the highest quality Kraft paper shopping bags. Their serrated edge tops and sturdy paper twisted handles come in 100% recycled brown Kraft. They are made from high quality domestic paper which has undergone strict quality testing and is an economical option for retailers.

Natural Kraft paper bags have square bottoms, which make them durable and reusable. Below are some inexpensive ways to spruce up natural Kraft bags for gift giving or to attract more buyers.

  • Use tissue paper to make a little bow. Choose two colors or one if you would rather have a smaller bow. Scrunch tissue like a fan and tie it directly onto the bag’s handle (avoid pulling too hard on the tissue). Trim ends to your desired length and fluff.
  • Make a graduation tassel with Bakers Twine (or the less expensive Burlap Twine) using tutorials on the Internet. Pair them with matching colored tissue in espresso and orange and attach to your bag.
  • Use halo ribbon to make lots of loops and fringe the bow.

For more ideas on how to dress up natural Kraft paper bags with inexpensive decor, discuss your needs with a Splash Packaging expert.

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