Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas
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Dec 16

Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

So you waited a little too long to go shopping, and now the store shelves are looking pretty bare. There are still plenty of last minute gift options that can save your holiday. These last-minute gift ideas are great for anyone on your list, and many of them are one-of-a-kind and creative gifts that your friends and family will be thrilled to receive.

A DIY Curated Gift Set

Curate your very own gift box based on the gift recipient’s interests or hobbies. To curate your own gift box, first pick a theme or idea to base your box around. Whatever that theme may be, try to find specialty products to include in the box. Maybe some unique local items so that you can support local businesses in the process. Your theme can be a color, a holiday, a type of product (like candy, tea, coffee, beauty), or just some fun items that pair well together!

Then choose how to package your gift set. You can choose from a variety of gift boxes or gift baskets paired with tissue paper, crinkle cut paper shred, and ribbon to accessorize. Creating your own custom gift box is a great opportunity to shop at local businesses and use your knowledge of what the recipient likes to your advantage. It takes a little more effort to assemble, but the end result is sure to impress your gift recipient.

Curated gift box set with cactus themed gift items inside

Gourmet Food & Beverages

Consumable gift items are usually well-received, as long as you generally know what your recipient likes. Coffee beans or gourmet tea leaves are appreciated for those who enjoy sipping hot beverages. A nice bottle of wine or a specialty liquor can also be a great gift for someone who drinks or hosts parties. These may be items your recipient would not usually buy for themselves but would love to receive and enjoy.

Gourmet food items that are more of a “splurge” or special occasion purchase are a wonderful gift idea for friends and family that enjoy good food. This can include charcuterie trays, gourmet olive oil or hot sauces, seasonings and spices, local honey, jams and jellies, chocolates, and much more. A great place to purchase gourmet food items is at your local farmer’s market, where you can find local handmade food items. Unique packaging for your gourmet gift items can help enhance your presentation and make it feel more special.

A variety of gourmet foods displayed in cardboard market tray gift baskets

Gift Cards

Gift cards are outperforming physical gifts this holiday season. According to Klarna, the majority of consumers (66%) would prefer to receive a gift card over a physical gift this holiday season. Gift cards are almost always in stock, they can purchased in person or digitally online, and they are offered at almost every retailer, restaurant, or spa. While it’s not the most exciting gift, many recipients clearly favor getting gift cards over other types of gift items.

Research by Blackhawk Network shows that consumers plan on spending 27% more on gift cards this holiday season versus last year. That number might go up as shelves start to empty out closer to the holiday. If purchasing gift cards to give away this holiday season, consider finding unique and creative gift card packaging ideas to spice up your gift presentation.

Selection of holiday themed custom gift cards

Subscription Boxes

There is a subscription box for almost every interest and hobby, making it a great low-stress gift item. Most subscription services allow you to send a single box, or a multi-month subscription as a gift. The box curators will pick what’s inside (usually) so you don’t need to worry about the details. Because these boxes usually ship out on a schedule, you can give your gift recipient a card or note explaining what they can expect to receive in the mail. All you need to do is find out what types of products your recipient would like to receive in a subscription box.

The Gift Of An Experience

Think outside the box, literally, and give the gift of a memorable experience instead. This can include tickets to a show or museum, concert, cooking classes, virtual experiences. The options are endless. You can give a completely personalized gift based on the recipient’s interests, or for people you don’t know very well, something more universal like movie passes. These tickets can usually be purchased online and printed out to give to your recipient. Or you can create a special way to give the tickets by creating a card or riddle that points towards the experience you will gift them.

People at a concert
Photo Credit: Music photo created by bedneyimage

Something Homemade

A homemade or handmade gift is always a great idea, and can help fill in your need for a last minute gift. A homemade gift item can be food, or it can be a crafted item. For baking enthusiasts, you can make a cookie variety box, specialty pies, fudge, peppermint treats, or other baked goods that are sure to be thoroughly enjoyed. Cooking experts can make their own jam, salsa, seasoning blends, or cooking kits to keep their friends and family well-fed.

For crafters, there are many special handmade options that can be great last minute gifts. If you have paint or can buy some at the store, you can make hand painted ornaments or Christmas decorations. If you know how to knit or sew you can make cold weather accessories like scarves, beanies, or mittens. You can even just design and create your very own holiday greeting card from scratch. Something that is handmade is seen as a special and memorable gift that will be cherished more than something store-bought.

Knitting yarn and unfinished knitted items
Source: Texture photo created by Freepik

For non-crafty people who don’t possess cooking or baking skills, check out your local farmer’s market for gifts. Most cities and towns have a weekend farmer’s market where you can buy handmade baked goods, gourmet foods, soaps, honey, and plenty of other gift options. That way you can support your local bakers, chefs, and crafters while you shop!

The Gift of Coziness

Everyone loves to be cozy and warm in the winter months, which makes giving practical items like blankets, socks, slippers, and robes a wonderful gift for the loved ones in your life. Other cold weather accessories like hats, scarves, mittens, and hand warmers are a useful gift option as well. Anyone who lives in cold winter weather will likely be happy to receive something warm and soft this holiday season. It is a practical gift idea that can also be fun and unique, like a blanket with an interesting pattern or fuzzy slipper socks.

Mittens laying in an open gift box with holiday tissue paper and decor

We wish you the best of luck in your last minute shopping endeavors this holiday season and we hope that you can get everything wrapped up in time!

Happy Holidays from Splash Packaging!

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