Introducing New EcoPlus™ Paper Shopping Bags
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Jan 12

Introducing New EcoPlus™ Paper Shopping Bags

It’s a new year and we have a big announcement about our in-stock paper shopping bags!

Introducing…. EcoPlus paper shopping bags!

EcoPlus paper shopping bag benefits and features

Our new EcoPlus™ paper shopping bags are replacing both of our previous Standard and Economy paper shopping bag programs.

For the past few years we have offered two paper shopping bag options to our customers: “Standard” bags and “Economy” bags. The Economy bags were a lighter weight bag at a lower price.

We are replacing both of our previous bag options with our completely new, premium EcoPlus paper shopping bags.

EcoPlus™ paper shopping bags are higher quality, heavier weight, and more environmentally friendly than both of our previous bags, but will be offered at our “Economy” bag pricing level!

There is no longer a need for us to have two paper shopping bag programs when we have one premium bag that does it all and does it better! 

Natural kraft EcoPlus paper shopping bags from Splash Packaging

A Breakdown of EcoPlus Paper Shopping Bag Benefits:

Our EcoPlus™ paper shopping bags are made from 80lb kraft paper, which is around 20% heavier than the industry average of 65lb paper. Their durable construction allows for a wide variety of practical uses from retailing to food service and beyond.

Both our white and natural kraft EcoPlus™ paper shopping bags are made with 100% recycled materials containing 40% post-consumer recycled content. This ensures that they meet all environmental bag legislations in the United States that we are aware of.

You don’t need to worry about your wallet, these bags are being offered at the same prices as our previous “Economy” bag line.

The bottom line is, you get a better bag for the best price!

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