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Dec 11

The Key to Effective Packaging, Part 1

Your product’s packaging works very hard. It has to stand out in a sea of similar products and grab the customer’s attention– all in only 2 seconds. If it fails, the consumer moves on without your product in their shopping bag. In the first installment of this 2-part series, we will discuss the techniques for packaging and merchandise bags that make consumers stop and look at your product.

First Impressions

In those critical first 2 seconds, appearance is all that matters. The hard work you put into your product is wasted if the packaging is poorly designed. Make it enticing, alluring, intriguing– make the customer fall in love right away.

Do Something Different

Look at what your competitors are doing and do the opposite. Be bold– don’t blend in. Doing the unexpected shines a light on your product and lures consumers in for a closer look. A memorable name or striking image gives your package an edge and your product an advantage.

The Power of Color

Colors are strongly connected to emotions, so choose yours wisely. Determine the feelings you want to evoke, and select a corresponding color palette. Calm and cool? Go with blues. Strong and energized? Try reds and oranges. Look at packaging colors in your category: if most are understated, go loud.

Pick Your Type

Like color, font and typography lend emotion to what the package says. Use the most appropriate script possible and ensure it is in line with your brand and message.

Crisp Copy

Written copy does two things: it explains the contents while convincing consumers that yours is the only product that can fix their problem or fill their need. Be simple, direct, and concise: it is better to be clear than it is to be clever.


Consider how all the elements work together. If your shopping bag design is eye-catching but your copy is messy, you risk confusing the consumer. Remember– you only have 2 seconds to make them stop and look!

Join us next week for part 2 of our series on effective packaging. For more information on Splash Packaging’s full line of paper shopping bags, merchandise bags, bakery boxes and more, call 877-699-0529 or Contact Us.

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