The Best Ribbons & Bows for Decorating Holiday Packaging
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Dec 15

The Best Ribbons & Bows for Decorating Holiday Packaging

Once you have your holiday packaging basics established, like bags and gift boxes, now you have to decide how to decorate and accessorize your packaging to make it more festive and unique. Ribbon and bows are all-time favorites for the holiday season because they are easy to use, inexpensive, and provide maximum style and customization. Ribbon can be used in many ways and can be as simple or intricate as you want it to be. Bows are a more convenient option, as they usually have one-step application. Ribbon and bows are easy to mix and match, and holiday colors like red, green, and silver are readily available. Splash Packaging can help you decide what type of ribbons and bows to use this holiday season to take your gift packaging up a notch.

Holiday Ribbon Styles

There are several different types of ribbon that can be used for decorating and accessorizing your packaging. Many of these options are great for Christmas and other winter holidays because of their color selections and overall style.

Traditional curling ribbon is a holiday classic; These types of ribbon can be purchased in many different colors with traditional, metallic, or holographic finishes. This thin 3/16” ribbon can be easily tied around boxes or bags and looks great with multiple strands and colors mixed together. This ribbon is easy to curl and provides a classic and colorful holiday look.

Holiday Curling Ribbon

Cotton curling ribbon provides a fuller and more organic look. This ribbon is available in red and green for Christmas, as well as a red and green striped pattern. Many other colors and patterns are available for other holidays and occasions. This ribbon is made with 100% cotton and curls beautifully, making it a wonderful packaging accessory for the holiday season. This thicker curling ribbon is available in 5/8″ and 1/2″ width sizes.

Cotton curling ribbon - 100% cotton

Dyna satin ribbon provides a more elegant and refined look for holiday packaging. This 7/8” thick ribbon has a beautiful satin color finish and is available in more unique color options like burgundy and hunter green, as well as traditional colors like red and white. This ribbon is ideal for tying simple or intricate bows onto your packaging items.

Satin Roll Ribbon

Envy ribbon is a sheer metallic ribbon that is a beautiful choice for all types of holiday packaging. This wired edge ribbon is available in four sheer colors, and is easy to form into bows and decorative shapes. This ribbon is also an ideal choice for gift baskets. At 1.5″ width, this ribbon is great for larger packaging items and gift baskets where average sized ribbon would be too small.

Envy Sheer Wired Ribbon

Stretch loop bows are a convenient and time-saving choice to accent packaging for the holidays. These metallic stretch loops are available in 3 different sizes and can be used for jewelry boxes, apparel boxes, and various other gift boxes. These stretch loop bows are a great way to keep your boxes closed while adding a simple touch of holiday cheer.

Stretch Loop Bows - Ribbon

Festive Holiday Bows

Pre-made bows and pull bows are some of the easiest ways to decorate packaging for the holidays. Unlike most ribbon, bows don’t require any extra finesse or special skills to use. Pre-made bows usually have peel and stick backing for easy application, and arrive ready to use out of the box. Pull bows are easy to ship and store, and only take seconds to assemble with no skill required.

Pull Bows:

Pom pull bows create a voluminous and full look for your gift packaging. Pom bows have loops that are not creased to provide a look that is similar to a confetti bow, but more rounded. Long ribbon tails can be curled for a more decorative look, or cut short for a clean and simple look. The benefit of these pull bows is that they are never crushed or flattened before use, so they retain a rounder and fuller shape.

Pom pull bows - satin finish

Butterfly style pull bows have a unique shape, that is still traditional but visually interesting. These less-loopy bows are simple and make the perfect accessory to a gift box. Available in glitter and satin finishes in several colors, there is plenty of variety for your packaging. The glittery gold and silver finishes as well as the satin red, white, and green, are all perfect colors for the holiday season. Thin ribbon tails allow you to tie the bow directly to your packaging, or simply curl them or leave them depending on your style preference.

Butterfly Glitter Pull Bow

Peel and Stick Confetti Bows:

Ready-to-use confetti bows are a very popular option for holiday gift packaging. Our confetti bows are conveniently available in green, red, and white for Christmas and other winter holidays. The peel and stick backing makes them easy to apply to any packaging. These bows are popular because they are ready to use and require no extra effort, which is great for busy retailers!
Peel and Stick Confetti Bowslogo_splash_stacked_400

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