5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Packaging!
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Feb 03

5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Packaging!

Sometimes your stock packaging just needs a little extra sparkle to stand out among the rest. When implementing a stock packaging program for your business, emphasize some of the finishing touches and accessories and your customers will take notice. Luckily, some of the easiest ways to brighten up your packaging are also the most affordable! Splash Packaging has several products that are perfect for brightening your stock packaging and adding unique and memorable finishing touches.

1. Sparkling Glitter Tissue Paper

Tissue paper comes in an endless amount of colors, patterns, and finishes. How do you choose what’s right for you? A simple solid color tissue might work well with patterned packaging, or you can choose patterns to fit a certain theme or style. Another option that is available is tissue paper with embedded glitter or holographic hot-stamping. These tissue papers can add a little extra sparkle to your packaging. Reflections tissue paper is enhanced with a holographic hot stamp and is available with colorful specs of foil and holiday accented prints. Gemstone sparkle tissue paper is embedded with holographic glitter for a sparkling look with several colored and patterned options available. These tissue papers won’t transfer glitter or make a mess of your packaging, they are a high-quality and mess-free option for sparkling tissue paper. These styles of retail tissue paper are also popular for holidays, specials events, weddings, and gift packaging.


2. Wrap it up With Colorful Ribbon

Ribbon is one of the easiest ways to add color and style to your packaging items. Whether you have a box, a bag, or a more unique style of packaging, utilizing ribbon shows that you are willing to put forth the extra effort for a nice presentation. The best part about ribbon is the vast amount of colors and styles that are readily available. You can choose colors and styles based on your brand, products, or holidays and events. Ribbon is a very inexpensive packaging accessory which makes it easy to change out for different seasons, holidays, and events. Ribbon can be sleek and sophisticated, sheer and light, or fun and whimsical, making it an easy way to change the entire look of your stock packaging. Shown below is our colorful Wraphia ribbon that looks great mix-and-matched with 2 or more colors!

3. Choose Bold Colors & Prints

Bags and boxes are available in bold colors and patterns that can help brighten up your packaging. Packaging doesn’t have to be neutral and subdued when there are so many colorful and bright options available. Splash Packaging has several shopping bag and eurotote options that are available in bright colors and unique colorful prints. If you prefer a solid color bag, you can accessorize with one of our patterned options of SatinWrap tissue paper. Color has a notable psychological impact on consumers, making it a very important aspect of your product and retail packaging. Choosing to boost the color in your packaging can help draw attention and promote positive feelings associated with your store or restaurant.

4. Drawstring Pouches

Drawstring pouches are a complete packaging option that works well for many small to medium sized items. Pouches come in various sizes from small for jewelry and keychains to large for wine bottles or candles. The best part about pouches is that they are available in some very unique colors! Splash Packaging’s jute pouches are available in four colors and are made with 100% natural jute fiber. Sheer organza pouches are made with sheer tulle with a ribbon drawstring and are available in a wide selection of colors. Pouch options come with color-matched drawstring closure that makes them self-sufficient and extremely easy to use.

5. Clear Packaging

Sometimes you just have to let your products speak for themselves! Clear packaging is a great way to take the emphasis off of your packaging and instead direct it towards what’s inside. If you have a product that stands out on its own, consider using clear top gift boxes or clear plastic bags to show off your products. This method of packaging works especially well for food items, but also works great with any attractive looking product or gift item. Add colorful or design printed tissue paper or paper shred inside to enhance the look for your customers.


Brightening up your stock packaging is easy with Splash Packaging’s endless choices of packaging and accessories. Shop online at www.splashpackaging.com for quick-ship in-stock packaging products 24/7.

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