Easy Holiday Packaging Ideas for Retailers
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Nov 17

Easy Holiday Packaging Ideas for Retailers

With the holiday season quickly approaching, retailers are looking for creative ways to celebrate the holidays by enhancing their retail packaging. With millions of shoppers heading to malls, boutiques, bakeries, and online shops, the desire for unique holiday packaging is always increasing.

Custom holiday packaging can be problematic because of budget constraints and logistics, but there are many ways to use stock packaging products and accessories to create a unique look. Most of these options are easy to use and take up minimal storage space, because time management and inventory are the last things you need to worry about during this busy season! Affordable holiday packaging products are always available at Splash Packaging.

Folding Gift Boxes

Are you lacking the extra storage space for all this holiday packaging? Traditional rigid boxes are convenient to use, but take up too much space for most businesses. The good news is that there are several folding box options that provide the look and feel you want without using so much storage space. Our mix and match hi-wall gift boxes and lids are our most recommended gift box for the holidays. These boxes are available in many different sizes with coordinating lids. Each lid size can fit up to five different box depths, making them convenient and versatile for retail items. These boxes are available in red gloss, gold, white, and black swirl, making them perfect for the holiday season and beyond.

Gift Boxes and Lids - Hi Wall

If having separate boxes and lids is still inconvenient for you, our tuck top gift boxes are a great alternative. Tuck top boxes are folding boxes made of sturdy paperboard and have tab closure on top and bottom. Tuck tops make it easy to put goods inside quickly and efficiently so you don’t have to rush the packaging process. Both of these box options look great paired with tissue paper or ribbon for a more decorative look. We also have many more options for gift boxes, apparel boxes, and jewelry boxes in-stock on our website.

For a high-end and luxurious box option, magnetic lid folding gift boxes are a great way to package your holiday gift items. These durable boxes have easy folding construction, a collapsible and reusable design, and are available in several colors and finishes. There are even magnetic boxes with ribbon tied closure attached, so your packaging presentation is instantly beautiful without the need for other accessories.

Magnetic Gift boxes with ribbon tied closure

Stunning Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is truly the perfect packaging accessory; it is inexpensive, easy to use, and comes in a huge range of colors and prints for every occasion. If you want holiday-specific tissue paper, there are plenty of printed paper styles designed for the holidays. If you want tissue paper to match your brand, there is a large variety of colors available so you can get the closest match to your logo or brand colors. If you are looking for a non-specific but unique finish, there are several types of metallic, holographic, and glittery tissue papers that complement any type of packaging for any season. Adding tissue paper to your packaging program can help define your look whether it’s whimsical, sophisticated, subtle, or colorful.Holiday Christmas Tissue Paper

Instant Bows

Pull bows are a great accessory choice for retailers for the holiday season. These bows ship and store flat, so they won’t take up nearly as much storage space as traditional bows. The best part about them is they only take seconds to assemble into the perfect bow. With pull bows, you don’t have to worry about them getting crushed or wrinkled in storage or transit, and they are so easy to use! Pull bows are available in butterfly style and a fuller and fluffier pom bow style. These bows are available in satin, glitter, and metallic finishes in all the popular colors for the holidays like red, green, gold, and silver. Ribbon tails attached to the finished bow allow you to tie them directly onto a package, curl them, or cut them however you want. Say goodbye to crushed and wrinkled bows this holiday season and say hello to pull bows!

Gold Butterfly Pull Bow

There is also the option for ready made bows that require no assembly at all and can simply be used right away. Among those options are traditional confetti bows, stretch loop ribbons with attached bows, and bows with twist-tie backs for easy attachment to any packaging.

bows with twist tie attachment

Gift Card Packaging

According to Gift Card Granny:

  • Gift cards have been the most requested holiday gift nine years in a row.
  • The average consumer purchased at least two gift cards as gifts for the 2015 holiday season.
  • An estimated $26 billion was spent on gift cards last year during the holidays.
  • Shoppers spent an average of $153.08 on gift cards during the 2015 holiday season.

Source: https://www.giftcardgranny.com/statistics/

Gift card packaging has become an essential for the holiday shopping season. Gift cards are one of the most popular gift items, and people want gift card packaging that looks nice and represents the holidays. This could mean plain gift card folders with festive ribbon, or just popular holiday colors like red and gold. We also carry some gift card boxes and folders in special holiday prints. We have several different types of gift card holders ranging from traditional to unique and glamorous. You can also get creative with sheer organza or jute pouches to package gift cards. Jewelry boxes can also serve as gift card holders in the right sizes. The pop-up presentation gift card boxes shown below are one of our most popular options that adds a luxurious finish to any gift card.

gift card boxes laid flat on a surface

Festive Ribbon

Ribbon is one of the most easily customized packaging accessories, because it is low cost and very easy to use. Ribbons can be mix and matched, curled, or tied into bows and patterns to customize. Satin ribbon and design printed ribbon are ideal for almost any type of packaging, and can create a unique and enhanced look with ease. Wired ribbon is perfect for creating bows or more elaborate decorative packaging, where you need the ribbon to hold its shape. Wraphia and raffia have a more natural look and feel, for retailers who want a more organic or natural look to their packaging. And of course, curling ribbon is one of the most popular ribbon options for the holidays. Available in solid colors, metallic colors, and holographic styles, curling ribbon is an easy way to make your gift packaging festive and colorful.

ribbon tied around a box

Whether you choose one of these packaging options, or several of them, Splash Packaging’s quick ship in-stock products can help you enhance your retail packaging this holiday season and beyond. Our affordable prices make packaging and accessories more accessible for small businesses.


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