Mother’s Day is an exciting time for Splash Packaging because our colorful stock packaging comes out to shine!
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Apr 23

Mother’s Day is an exciting time for Splash Packaging because our colorful stock packaging comes out to shine!

Splash Packaging offers a variety of shopping bags, eurototes, tissue paper and ribbon in endless amounts of colors and designs to perfectly pull together any gift bag, corporate event gift bag, or special event gift bag! And let’s not forget, Mother’s Day is right around the corner! There is nothing more pleasing than receiving a gift that has been thoughtfully packaged!


matte paper eurotote shopping bags

Paper eurotote shopping bags in matte
pastel colors!

Our matte paper eurotote shopping bags are available in ten vibrant colors! These matte eurototes are not only classified as a gorgeous, high end paper gift bag but they also provide stability. Stability is attained from the extremely heavyweight 180 GSM paper that they are manufactured from, the supportive bottom board and strong rope handles. These paper eurotote shopping bags are available in various sizes and were created to elegantly hold any gift that you have chosen, small or large! The eurototes in the pictures provided are spring inspired and showcase our pastel colored matte eurototes; matte robin’s egg, matte ivory, and matte Caribbean blue. A few colors that we have hand selected to perfectly wrap a
Mother’s Day gift!

Satin wrap colored tissue paper!

These eurotote shopping bags are paired with multiple spring inspired colors of Satin Wrap tissue paper. Easily handled, this tissue paper folds into the perfect shape to peek out from the top of the eurotote. Our tissue paper is available in endless amounts of colors, designs, and textures! Any gift bag would be fortunate to be accompanied by our tissue paper because of the attractive presence it brings to complete a gift bag. Precisely placed in the eurototes below are the tissue paper colors: cool mint, cerise, natural kraft, and ivory.

Gift wrap accessories!

A sheer organza ribbon is delicately tied to the rope handles of the eurototes to pull the entire piece together. These beautifully created ribbons are available in 36 unique colors! The five colors attached to our paper eurototes in the pictures are orchid, white, robin’s egg, light pink, and light blue.  These five colors were specifically chosen to match our pastel colored matte eurototes and natural colored tissue paper.

Looking for an environmentally friendly eurotote?

In addition to our matte paper eurototes, we also highly encourage customers to view our natural kraft paper eurototes and our white kraft paper eurototes! With our decorated kraft eurototes, not only are you giving a gift to someone special in your life but you’re re-gifting life to the earth. Our rope handled brown natural kraft paper eurototes and white kraft paper eurototes are recyclable, reusable and have been manufactured from 40% post-consumer recyclable contents.

What does “post-consumer recycled contents” mean?

Well, post-consumer recycled contents is any material that was used and discarded by a consumer or business and captured before going to a landfill. This material is then recycled for use into a new product. It’s what you take to the recycling center or put into a recycling program container for pickup. All in all, it is another opportunity that we have given our customers to help leave a green footprint on this earth we love!


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  1. Kenneth Gladman Jun 26 2017 - 2:36 pm

    I love that pastel Caribbean blue color tote. I all really comes down to style and color when choosing a tote. The contrasting pink ribbon looks incredible as well.

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