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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Holiday Gift Packaging

By Splash Packaging Team Dec 15, 2020 Holiday Packaging, Packaging Resources, Sustainability in the Packaging Industry

Accessorizing your packaging is what creates a completely unique and memorable gift. There are endless ways to personalize your packaging with accessories like ribbon, bows, tissue paper, and many other crafting supplies. This holiday season, make your gift packaging stand out with some of these creative decorating ideas! Ribbons and Bows Ribbon is one of…

5 Ways to make this holiday season special without direct contact

By Splash Packaging Team Dec 04, 2020 Holiday Packaging, Packaging Resources, Retail

Due to COVID-19, the holiday season will be different this year for families, friends and businesses. Adapting to the circumstances we can find ways to stay connected and create special moments without direct contact. 1. Send gifts in the mail Anything from a simple card to a unique gift or care package can go a…

Budget Holiday Packaging for 2020

By Splash Packaging Team Sep 10, 2020 Holiday Packaging, Packaging Resources, Retail, Sustainability in the Packaging Industry

Whether you are a small business that needs inexpensive packaging options for the holiday season, or an individual that has a lot of gifts to wrap, now is a great time to start planning your holiday packaging budget. Offering unique packaging to your customers during the holiday season can help build lasting customer relationships and…

10 Creative Ways to Package Your Soap and Spa Products

By Splash Packaging Team Aug 17, 2020 Packaging Resources, Retail, Sustainability in the Packaging Industry

Small businesses selling soaps, spa products, and cosmetics have increased in popularity recently, especially due to Etsy. Packaging your soaps and spa products uniquely can help encourage your customers to leave positive reviews, tell their friends, and make repurchases. If you package your items in gift-ready packaging, it also eliminates the need for your customers…

Eco-Friendly Packaging for E-Commerce: What You Need to Know

By Splash Packaging Team Jun 26, 2020 Packaging Resources, Retail, Sustainability in the Packaging Industry

E-commerce packaging has become essential for many businesses as they change and adapt to consumer’s needs and wants. With the additional factor of COVID-19 causing a huge increase in the need for online retail, e-commerce is growing extremely fast this year. One of the biggest issues with e-commerce is the environmental impact of everything involved….

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