As a close-knit team of packaging designers with decades in the industry, we know that sustainability and cost-effectiveness are paramount for any brand. And that's why we started Splash: to give brands good-looking stock packaging that isn't hard to match to your style, unfairly priced, or bad for the environment.

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The reality of the packaging industry is that not all packaging will be used for it’s intended purpose, creating waste and clutter for business owners and individuals. Upcycling and recycling packaging products and materials is an easy way to waste less and get creative with your packaging. Most packaging materials have many versatile uses and applications, and…

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Jun 07

Rapidly increasing online sales and web based companies are quickly pushing e-commerce packaging to the forefront of all retail packaging. Don’t let your bland e-commerce packaging water down the shopping experience for your online customers. Instead of accepting boring packaging as your fate, think about different kinds of stock packaging that can be used to…

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May 05

Many of the packaging options found at Splash Packaging are perfect for this wonderful time of the year! The weather is perfect, the flowers are blooming, and bright and pastel colors are emerging everywhere. Yes, I’m talking about spring! Show your love for the season by taking advantage of our springtime packaging options including bags,…

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Apr 01

Almost every business will aim to be more environmentally conscious in the coming years, but some businesses may not know where to start. When it comes to packaging, the focus is on reducing waste and using recycled materials whenever possible. There are many ways to make your business more eco-friendly, many of them involving your…

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Mar 04

If you are a newcomer to the packaging world, you probably haven’t heard the terms “high density” or “low density” plastic before. Or maybe you have heard these terms, and just don’t know quite what they mean. What people are commonly referring to is polyethylene plastic, which can have different structures and densities including high…

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Jan 08

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