5 Ways to make this holiday season special without direct contact
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Dec 04

5 Ways to make this holiday season special without direct contact

Due to COVID-19, the holiday season will be different this year for families, friends and businesses. Adapting to the circumstances we can find ways to stay connected and create special moments without direct contact.

1. Send gifts in the mail

Anything from a simple card to a unique gift or care package can go a long way in making someone’s day brighter this holiday season. While many people will be spending the holidays alone or missing their extended or faraway family members, sending a physical gift in the mail can help bridge the gap.

If you are a retailer, offering free gift packaging for shipment is a great way to help your customers send gifts directly to their loved ones and avoid having to ship things twice when shipping carriers are already overloaded. Or you can even offer personalized gift packaging for a small upcharge, including a note or card with the package.

2. Have a virtual dinner

Set up a phone, laptop, or iPad at the dinner table and join a zoom meeting with your family or friends. Eat dinner and chat as if they were really at the table with you! Technology has been a key element in our communication this year as we social distance and travel much less. With video chat we can still get the human interaction we want without risking anyone’s health or safety.

3. Deliver care packages to loved ones nearby

If you have family or friends in town that you wish you could celebrate the holidays with, you can still connect with them in other ways. You can leave your care packages or gifts at the front door and say hi to your family or friends through a window, or from a distance larger than six feet with masks on. Or you can leave a gift basket or care package at their door for a nice surprise.

4. Send local goods to out of state family

Whether you want to send someone local goods from your town, or have them sent local goods from where they live, shopping small businesses can help a lot of people during this time. Small businesses have struggled to get through this pandemic and everyone who supports them and spreads the word about their products or services can greatly help to keep them in business. Check out your local outdoor farmer’s markets or find local businesses online that will ship their items. Supporting small businesses is one way we can all help individuals get through this pandemic.

5. Personalize your gifts

Personalized gifts are very popular this holiday season for a reason. A gift that is customized or personalized feels a lot more special, memorable, and can be regarded as a keepsake that someone will treasure for a long time. Show your family and friends that you are really thinking of them by choosing personal, customized, or keepsake gift items to give them this holiday season. Many customizable gift items can be found on Etsy, as well as several local and national retail businesses.

Curated gift boxes are another popular gift item this year because they offer the gift recipient a hand-picked selection of items that feels personal and thoughtful and can match someone’s particular interests. There are options where boxes are pre-curated to include certain types of items or themes (like gourmet food, spa products, men’s grooming, etc.) or businesses where you can create your own gift box and choose every item yourself.

Curated gift boxes with different themed items inside

We hope that everyone will have a safe and happy holiday season this year, despite the struggles we are all facing. Hopefully sending a little cheer in the form of a special gift or video chat will help brighten up your holiday season.

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