10 Creative Ways to Package Your Soap and Spa Products
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Aug 17

10 Creative Ways to Package Your Soap and Spa Products

Small businesses selling soaps, spa products, and cosmetics have increased in popularity recently, especially due to Etsy. Packaging your soaps and spa products uniquely can help encourage your customers to leave positive reviews, tell their friends, and make repurchases. If you package your items in gift-ready packaging, it also eliminates the need for your customers to buy separate gift packaging.

So if you sell bath bombs, soaps, scrubs, lotions or other pampering products, read on to find out the best ways to package them!

Create a Beautiful Display

1. Kraft Market Trays

For in-store or market displays, paperboard market trays are a great way to arrange a beautiful product display or create a curated gift basket for customers to buy. These folding paperboard or cardboard trays can be filled with an accent material like crinkle paper shred or basket filler so that your items can be laid on top for display. When creating a curated gift basket, you can wrap the entire tray and it’s contents in cello or another wrapping material and tie with a nice ribbon or bow. Market trays are an easy way to make your products look luxurious and ready for gifting!

Kraft market tray with spa products on display

2. Clear Lid Gift Boxes

Show off your items while keeping them safe and secure inside clear lid gift boxes. These gift boxes have a kraft paperboard base and a clear plastic lid so you can show off your beautiful products like soaps, bath bombs, bath salts, and cosmetics. These boxes are great for curating your own gift sets and giving your customers gift-ready packaging that they can give to others. Many spa items like soaps and bath bombs are visually beautiful and meant to be shown off! Clear lid boxes are easy to use and if they feature folding assembly that means they won’t take up excess storage space.

Clear lid gift boxes with lotion inside

Package in Style for Retail

3. Glassine Lined Paper Bags

These paper merchandise bags are lined with a thin layer of glassine that is grease and moisture resistant. This makes them great for packaging soaps and spa products that may be oily or powdery. Any residue from the products will stay inside the bag so the exterior of the bag remains clean and beautiful. These bags are available in white, natural kraft, and a variety of bright colors to fit in with any style. You can also decorate these bags with stickers, labels, stamps, ribbon, etc. to create a unique presentation.

Glassine lined paper merchandise bags

4. Carrier Gift Boxes for Bottles and Jars

When your beauty items are packaged in jars or bottles, such as shampoos, styling products, bath salts, and scrubs, there are gift box carriers that are made to package and display your jars and bottles that also include carrying handles. This gives your customers gift-ready packaging that eliminates the need for a separate bag as it can be carried by itself. The die-cut view windows allow customers and gift recipients to see what is inside and you can show off your unique product labels. These carriers have easy folding assembly with die-cuts so they are easy to use and efficient to ship and store. These boxes come in a variety of sizes to hold anything from small jars, medium jars or bottles, or large bottles. Be sure to measure your products carefully to ensure a good fit!

jar carrier gift box with handle

5. Candy Bags

Candy bags are traditionally made for, well, candy. But they are generally grease and moisture resistant as well as safe for direct food contact which makes them a great option for soaps and cosmetics as well. Candy bags can be clear, colored, or have decorative accents on them and can be tied close with a ribbon or bow for a lovely presentation. These clear candy bags are perfect for showing off your beautiful spa products like bath bombs, bath salts, designer soaps, and shower melts. You could also use them for your already packaged products tied closed with a ribbon or bow to create a cute gift presentation!

Clear plastic candy bags

6. Magnetic Gift Boxes

If luxury is your style and you want your products to maintain a high-end and sophisticated look, magnetic gift boxes are a wonderful way to package your items. Magnetic gift boxes are a heavier and more rigid-feeling gift box, but with the benefit of folding assembly so they don’t take up much storage space. These boxes have hidden magnets in the lid for secure closure and are available in several different finishes, some with ribbon ties!

Magnetic lid gift boxes with ribbon tied closure

These boxes are a beautiful option for high-end spa products and cosmetics because they are gift-ready and reusable. You can line your magnetic gift boxes with tissue paper or another filler material and place your products inside for a stunning presentation. Any customer who receives your products in one of these boxes will notice the top-notch quality and effort put into your presentation. They can then reuse the box for their personal items or for easy gift packaging!

Check out our video displaying these stunning magnetic gift boxes!

7. Hi-Wall Gift Boxes and Lids

If you have a wide variety of products and need versatile packaging options, hi-wall gift boxes are a wonderful choice. These boxes and lids are sold separately which means you can mix and match them as needed. Each lid size corresponds to several box base depths so you could use one size lid for several bases to fit your different products. This is great for businesses who sell several different types of products and might want a taller box for certain products and a more shallow box for others, where both boxes could use the same lid! For added decoration these boxes can be easily adorned with ribbon, bows, or stickers/labels.

Gift Boxes and Lids - Hi Wall

E-Commerce Packaging Ideas

8. Tissue Paper & Paper Shred

However you choose to package your items for e-commerce shipment, adding a few personalized touches can make the unboxing experience more enjoyable and memorable for your customers. Tissue paper is a great way to add color and personal style to your shipments as well as customize for holidays and special occasions. Tissue paper sheets are available in a huge variety of solid colors, design prints, and special finishes like with glitter or metallic shine. For a fun box filler, crinkle cut paper shred is another colorful option to help cushion your products inside boxes.

Colorful tissue paper designs

9. Ribbons and Bows

Generally in e-commerce there is less decoration on packaging, but that can leave your customers wanting more. One of the easiest ways to enhance online shopping for your customers is to wrap your interior items in gift-like packaging so when they open them at home it feels like opening a special gift. You can use ribbon or bows to tie each item individually or use it to accent your packaging like bags or gift boxes. Sometimes a ribbon or bow can brighten someone’s day, so it’s always a great idea to decorate your products. It’s also a low-cost way to add a unique finishing touch to your packaging.

Tissue Paper Gift Wrapping with curled ribbon ties

10. Shipping Bags

Shipping bags for e-commerce packaging have the benefit of costing less to ship and taking up less space in storage and on shipping trucks. Some soaps, cosmetics, perfumes, and other spa products can be shipped in mailing bags rather than boxes. If your business is trying to be more eco-friendly when shipping items, shipping bags use less resources and space in delivery trucks, and require less filler material. Eco-natural shipping bags are the ultimate eco-friendly shipping packaging because they are made with 100% recycled paper and are fully recyclable. There are also more flexible plastic shipping bags and bubble cushioned mailing bags if you want extra protection for your shipment.

100% Recycled eco-natural shipping bags for e-commerce

Whether you are packaging your beauty products for retail, gifting, the holiday season, or year-round, we hope that you can find the perfect packaging to protect your products while offering a beautiful presentation!

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