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May 26

Drop Ship 101

What does it mean to ‘drop ship’ an in-stock item?

Drop ship is an order fulfillment strategy that has become increasingly useful in today’s day and age of online shopping. When ordering a drop ship item, you are receiving goods that have been moved from the manufacturer directly to you without going through the usual distribution channels.

When you log onto and place an order, that product is not always coming directly from Splash Packaging’s warehouse. Instead, we are coordinating with the manufacturer(s) for you and making sure your full order is placed and is accurately delivered. Businesses like Splash Packaging provide a valued service for drop shipped packaging because we are available to answer all your questions or concerns regarding purchases, we include return policies that many manufacturers don’t offer, and provide a wider variety of merchandise from multiple manufacturers from one source.

Benefits of Drop Ship

  • More variety. Drop shipping products allows us to offer customers more products (from a variety of manufacturers) on our website than what might be feasible if that we had to inventory all products.
  • Eliminates wait time. Drop shipping eliminates wait times when products are shipped from the manufacturer versus products shipping to Splash Packaging’s warehouse, then re-shipping the product to you. In some cases, it can save up to few weeks.
  • See new items sooner. Drop shipping gives us the opportunity to test new products without having to bring in inventory. This way, Splash Packaging can promote many new items all the time on our website:


Disadvantages of Drop Ship

  • As a consumer, who can you trust? Because drop shipping has been around for some time now, thousands of business owners have started applying this simple e-commerce system. Morgan Chaney, Splash Packaging’s mother company, has been a highly recognized packaging company for 60 years. Splash Packaging takes after Morgan Chaney as a trustworthy supplier. For example, Splash Packaging offers customers a fair return policy. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with the quality of our in-stock products, you can return them within 15 days and we will promptly exchange them, credit your account or refund your money. Although after 15 days, restocking charges will apply.
  • Shipping charges are additional. All orders will incur shipping charges from our closest warehouse via FedEx or common carrier truck. The entire freight amount is included on your original order. There will be no further freight charges regardless of the number of shipments to complete your order. Any order weighing over 200 pounds will probably be sent by FedEx freight line or other trucking to reduce shipping charges. Pickups are not permitted because shipments come from all over the United States. If you cannot receive a truck shipment at your location, please contact us.
  • Multiple shipments may occur. You may receive multiple shipments to complete your order. Some items are shipped from our Splash Packaging warehouse and other items may drop ship direct to you from our manufacturer facilities. Please allow slightly longer delivery time for drop ship items.


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