Paper Bags

Vibrant In-Stock Paper Shopping Bags!

Splash Packaging is proud to provide customers with a wide variety of in-stock paper shopping bags. Paper shopping bags in…
Oct 19

Don’t procrastinate on your in-stock packaging for the Holidays!

Weather delays, increased shipping prices, carrier delays, shut-down times and lost mail are all factors that arise during the Holiday…
Aug 19

Saving the Earth: One In-Stock Shopping Bag at a Time

On September 30, 2014 California became the first state to ban the use of plastic bags in stores. Soon after,…
Jul 22

Splash Packaging’s Most Popular In-Stock Eco-Friendly Packaging!

Splash Packaging makes is easy for businesses to purchase in-stock packaging that is necessary to transport their product while being…
Jun 24

Drop Ship 101

What does it mean to ‘drop ship’ an in-stock item? Drop ship is an order fulfillment strategy that has become…
May 26

Mother’s Day is an exciting time for Splash Packaging because our colorful stock packaging comes out to shine!

Splash Packaging offers a variety of shopping bags, eurototes, tissue paper and ribbon in endless amounts of colors and designs…
Apr 23
Paper Bags

Product Spotlight: Natural Kraft Bags

Natural Kraft bags are made in the U.S. and are the highest quality Kraft paper shopping bags. Their serrated edge…
Aug 13
Packaging Resources

The Power of Gift Card Packaging

It’s all in the presentation. From out-of-the-box ideas like placing the card in a unique container to creating a themed…
Jul 30
Packaging Resources

Sustainable Packaging on a Budget

Creative packaging is a great way for small business owners to make a big impression, but at what expense? Customers are caring…
Jul 16
Packaging Resources

Product Spotlight: Restaurant Take-Out Bags

Restaurant food packaging is your company’s last opportunity to send customers away with not only left-over food, but also a…
Jul 02

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