Curated Gift Boxes can Boost Your Retail Sales

Curated Gift Boxes can Boost Your Retail Sales

Is your retail store in a COVID-19 related slump? Many retailers are seeing a slowdown in sales and are wondering what they can do to boost their business. Custom curated gift boxes featuring your products are a great way to encourage sales during a slow period.

Gift box with tag that says "Just for you"

Think of your curated gift boxes as a sampler of your product offering, you can pick and choose popular, trendy, or specialty items to go in these boxes so people can get a good feel for your brand.

With curated gift boxes, you can market towards holidays like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and other summer holidays. You can also market them as care packages, spa day packages, birthday packages, wedding or bridesmaid gifts and other unique ideas and themes. The message behind these boxes puts a new twist on your products and can help encourage sales and customer engagement.

It’s a great idea to sell your curated boxes at a discount vs. buying the products individually, that way your customer is getting a great deal. Or you can simply keep items priced the same but include gift packaging for free. You can even pledge to support local charities or encourage donations on top of your purchases to help out your local community in the process.

Four Steps to Creating a Curated Gift Box

Step One: Pick your Theme

A gift box can be an extra special gift for many types of customers. Some ideas for the theme of your boxes can include:

  • Spa Day or Pamper Yourself – Face masks, lotion, scrubs, bath bombs
  • Wellness – Fitness supplies, meditation, aromatherapy
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Support Local – Local products only
  • Get Well Soon – Fuzzy socks, a nice card, flowers
  • Happy Birthday
  • Wedding – Bride or groom or bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts
  • Stay Clean – Soaps, sanitizers, house cleaning supplies
  • Jewelry themes
  • Clothing and accessory themes
  • Scent themes – Candles, perfumes, lotions, wax melts
  • Food or snack themes – Seasonings, candy, chocolate, baked goods, recipes, hot sauce, etc.

Step Two: Pick Your Products

Depending on the type of products you sell, there are many ways to creatively piece together coordinating items for your boxes. You can also collaborate with other local or online businesses to source new items. Working together with other small businesses can help both get more exposure and sales. You can include an insert that describes the products or the source of the products if they are from different companies.

Some retailers also offer BYOB (Build Your Own Box) options so customers can curate their own special gift boxes for people who they know well, and know what they will like. This can also increase the overall spend of a customer, and you can offer optional small add-in items to boost sales even more!

Variety of gift boxes with curated gift items inside

Step Three: Coordinate your Packaging

Packaging for a curated gift box should go above and beyond your normal packaging. Because most of these boxes will be given as gifts, the packaging should be luxurious, high-quality and gift-like. It’s also a bonus if it is reusable and eco-friendly. Memorable and beautiful packaging is a great way to get positive reviews and repeat purchases.

There are many easy ways to create gift packaging for your curated boxes. Magnetic lid reusable boxes are a great choice for a high-end presentation and can be reused by the gift recipient. After choosing a basic box style, like clear lid gift boxes, or white gift boxes with lids, you can choose how to decorate and accessorize to personalize your creation.

Magnetic gift box with curated gifts

Tissue paper for the interior of your boxes is a great way to personalize them for special occasions, branding, or themes. Tissue paper is available in a huge variety of stock colors and designs for any holiday or occasion. You can also use colored crinkle cut paper shred to add some cushion and fill to your boxes if needed.

Special finishing touches like an elegant ribbon, or a custom printed label or stickers, can provide a unique and gift-like presentation for the outer packaging. You can even take it a step further and create completely custom boxes that are branded with your logo or unique design.

Clear lid boxes with gift items inside

Step Four: Promote your Boxes!

Promoting your one of a kind gift boxes is easy with social media! These types of curated gift boxes make the perfect gift for popular holidays and occasions like mother’s day, father’s day, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and much more.

Encourage your customers who buy your curated gift boxes to post and share their photos and product reviews. This helps spread the word about your products and gives you content to re-share on your pages.

With each gift box, include an insert with information about your shop or website so the gift recipient knows where their box came from. They may want to repurchase some of the items in your box or shop your other products. You could also offer a special discount for gift recipients to encourage them to buy the products they like directly from your store.

Person unwrapping a gift

However you are handling and trying to get through this retail slowdown, remember to always stay connected to your customers, especially through times of uncertainty!

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