Storage-Friendly Packaging for Small Businesses
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Mar 26

Storage-Friendly Packaging for Small Businesses

Small businesses often operate out of very small spaces, anywhere from a home office to a small retail space or kiosk. This lack of extra space causes obvious problems when it comes to packaging. Many packaging items take up a lot of storage space, and seasonal items can cause an overload in storage. Luckily there are simple solutions to this issue because many packaging items are designed to save space. Items that ship condensed also have the benefit of possibly saving on shipping costs. Here are a few packaging items and ideas that can help you save storage space while still have unique and stylish packaging.

Folding Boxes

The benefits of folding gift boxes and apparel boxes speak for themselves. These boxes ship and store flat for lesser shipping costs and easier storage for small spaces. Folding boxes usually feature easy assembly, sometimes with automatic locking bottoms or magnetic closure for even easier assembly. Gable boxes are also a great folding box option if you are looking for a box that is more stylish or colorful. The bonus of gable boxes is that they include a die-cut handle which eliminates the need for a separate shopping bag!

Pull Bows

Pull bows are an amazing tool for retailers who gift wrap their items during the holidays or year-round. These uniquely designed bows are made with a flat ribbon shape that quickly and easily transforms into a voluminous bow. These bows ship and store flat, which saves a huge amount of space over traditional bows. Another bonus is that these bows can’t get crumpled in shipment or storage because they are not yet bows! To assemble these bows, you simply hold the outer ribbon while gently pulling on the inner ribbons. The bow is assembled in seconds and is perfect every time. Then you can use the excess ribbon to attach the bow to your packaging or snip the ends where you want. Pull bows are available in pom style and butterfly style and come in a few different color options, including glittering metallic colors.

Plastic Shopping Bags

Plastic may have a bad reputation for environmental reasons but plastic bags can still be reused and recycled and are still a valid option for retail shopping bags. Plastic bags take up less storage space than paper bags, and are less expensive. Plastic bags can be a great option for retailers who just want a simple shopping bag that doesn’t take up a lot of space. Plastic is a very durable and strong material making it great for many uses. Different plastic weights can be purchased for the amount of strength you want for your items.

Pouch Bags (Instead of Boxes)

Drawstring pouches can hold many small to medium sized gift and retail items in a stylish way, and don’t require as much storage space or monetary investment as boxes. Pouch bags can be fun and colorful or elegant and sophisticated, so they are ideal for a large variety of business types. Small jewelers can use pouch bags instead of jewelry boxes to save on storage space, because jewelry boxes traditionally are already set-up rigid boxes. Wineries can use pouch bags for their wine bottles rather than heavy gift boxes. Candy makers can use pouches for their treats rather than expensive candy boxes that take up a lot of space. There are many ways that pouches can help small businesses package their retail items more efficiently.

Cushioned Mailing Envelopes

If it suits your e-commerce business, bubble cushioned mailing envelopes can be a great way to save time and storage space for small e-commerce items. Because the envelopes are already cushioned, you won’t need to waste extra space on separate bubble wrap. If you need more cushion, you can also use packing paper or tissue paper inside to wrap items and help protect them. Paper packing supplies are handy because they can be stored in flat sheets and then can be crumpled or folded for use.

Gift Wrap

If you want fancy looking packaging without all the extra fuss, gift wrap is still an easy way to spruce up your gift items. Gift wrap is easily stored in large rolls making them convenient to store and use. The best part about gift wrap is the sheer number of colors and designs that are available so you can customize your look for all occasions and holidays.

Tissue Paper Sheets

Tissue paper is not just for stuffing gift bags and boxes, it can also be used in creative ways including as ‘gift wrap’ or protective padding. Tissue paper provides a very elegant look and is available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Tissue paper takes up very little space but is very versatile because of the huge variety of unique colors and printed designs that are available. You can also choose tissue paper for easy and convenient seasonal and holiday packaging!

There are many packaging options that are great for small storage spaces, and these are just some of our favorites. To shop online now for packaging supplies, visit

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