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Nov 20

Gift Card Packaging

Gift cards have become the go-to present of choice for today’s busy buyers. While many gift cards are already adorned with snappy text and festive imagery, the issue of how to beautifully present them remains problematic. Offering your customers a simple solution by providing unique and attractive gift card packaging provides additional incentive to purchase a gift card. However, it is important to ensure that your gift card packaging aligns with the other packaging designs you have chosen for your business. To help select the best gift card packaging for your business, consider these helpful tips from Splash Packaging.

Custom Packaging – Customizing your gift card’s holder has many benefits.

  • Doubles as a greeting card
  • Provides a platform to brand through coordinated packaging
  • Adds impact and warmth

Styles – There are many clever packaging options now available, with endless colors and patterns to choose from.

Add bows, stamps, or accordion paper shreds to further customize your gift card’s package. At Splash Packaging, we carry a festive, functional, and innovative range of gift card enclosures to meet your unique needs, including:

*Splash Packaging’s exclusive Presentation Pop-up Gift Card Boxes are an elegant and exciting way to present your gift card. Available in 11 stylish finishes, from mini stripes to ultra-red gloss, our pop-up boxes are sure to complement your specific card, occasion, and brand.

Any one of these styles from Splash Packaging will make an attractive option for presenting and embellishing your gift cards. Our in-stock selection of wholesale packaging items is diverse, thoughtful, and competitively priced, providing the look and feel of expensive custom items at a fraction of the price. To speak with a helpful Splash Packaging representative about our exciting range of gift boxes, tissue paper, ribbons, gift wrap and more, call 877-699-0529 or Contact Us.


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