Creative Ways to Use Tissue Paper for Gift Packaging
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Jan 13

Creative Ways to Use Tissue Paper for Gift Packaging

Tissue paper is a staple packaging item that is versatile enough to be used many different ways. It is inexpensive and is available in a huge variety of colors and specialty designs. With all of these benefits, and some creative ideas, consider reaching for the tissue paper over gift wrap and other traditional packaging supplies.   

Use Tissue In Place of Gift Wrap

Rather than using gift wrap to wrap your boxes and gifts, tissue paper makes a good substitute! Tissue paper has less environmental impact than wrapping paper and has a more delicate, handmade look and feel. Tissue paper is inexpensive and available in a wide variety of colors and designs so you can personalize your look. It’s also easy and inexpensive to change out your colors and prints for different seasons and holidays. It is especially useful for wrapping gourmet gifts like wine bottles, candles, jars, and jewelry. You can also use tissue paper to wrap gift boxes and finish the look with a ribbon or bow. 

Use tissue paper as gift wrap

Wrap Your Products Individually

Create mini-gifts by wrapping products individually with tissue paper sheets. This idea is perfect for boutiques who sell small gift items like jewelry, candles, accessories or delicate clothing items. Each item can be artfully wrapped in tissue before being placed into its gift bag or box. To create a unique look, use ribbon or bows to tie to tissue paper closed, or use stickers to close your mini-gifts. In specialty and gift stores, this is a great way to elevate your packaging and create a special shopping experience for your customers.

When using this idea with e-commerce packaging, the customer gets to open each individual product like a separate gift, making the unboxing experience longer and more exciting. No one wants to open a shipping box to find all their items just thrown in together without any protection. When each item is wrapped individually it not only protects the items, but shows that you care about your presentation and thoughtfully created the package. For some e-commerce businesses, this type of presentation and unboxing experience can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction and helps encourage positive reviews. 

Tissue Paper Gift Wrapping


Make DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers require a bit of practice to conquer, but they can be a beautiful DIY alternative to gift bows. Use them to decorate your packaging, add pizazz inside your gift boxes, or create flower bouquets to decorate your retail store. Tissue paper flowers are a great eco-friendly alternative to other types of gift decorations like ribbon and bows. They are also very unique and unexpected. You can choose your own tissue colors and designs to create something that is one of a kind. To learn how to make tissue paper flowers, try watching a video tutorial on Youtube or read a guide like this one: Ultimate Guide to Tissue Paper Flowers


Use Tissue Inside Your E-Commerce Packaging

Tissue paper is often used to wrap items inside an e-commerce package for a more elegant presentation. Because tissue paper is inexpensive and very flexible, it is great for packing into e-commerce shipments like boxes or mailing bags. It can help cushion and protect your items with a style upgrade from packing peanuts or bubble wrap. 

With the huge variety of tissue paper colors and designs available, you can mix and match layers of tissue to create a unique color story, mix designs with solid colors, or switch out for holiday styles easily. You may choose to wrap items individually like we discussed above, or use a tissue sheet to line the box and fold over top of your items for a more simple presentation. Secure the tissue with a custom printed label or sticker for an even more personal touch. 

Tissue paper inside a gift box

Create Your Own Colorful Paper Shred

Tissue paper shred is a popular choice for creating fun and festive gift baskets and gift box presentations. It can also be used in e-commerce packaging to add some fun color and style. You can follow this video tutorial or search for other methods, but creating your own tissue paper shred is super simple! This allows you to use custom colors and designs for your paper shred rather than relying on stock options. 


Custom Print Your Tissue Paper

If you’re ready to take the next step and custom brand your tissue paper, you can get tissue paper sheets printed with your logo or design for affordable prices. For custom printed tissue paper pricing, contact a company that offers custom printed packaging like Morgan Chaney. You may have to order large quantities, but custom printed tissue can be a helpful marketing and branding tool. When customers love the presentation of their retail items, they may take pictures and share on social media or leave positive reviews. Custom tissue paper can help reinforce your branding and encourage positive customer interactions. 


Tissue paper can be used in many creative ways for your gift and retail packaging. It is a special finishing touch that can make your packaging feel more personalized and memorable. For your next holiday, special event, or just everyday retail packaging, consider some of the more unique ways to use tissue paper! 

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