6 Creative Packaging Ideas for Etsy Sellers
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Jul 14

6 Creative Packaging Ideas for Etsy Sellers

When people shop on Etsy they are looking for a unique experience and often niche or personalized items that can’t be found anywhere else. Etsy customers have grown accustomed to receiving beautiful and creative personalized packages when they order from Etsy shops. Whether your customers are shopping to treat themselves or are shopping for gifts, unique packaging can make a huge difference in gaining positive reviews and repeat customers. According to a survey, 52% of online customers report they would continue purchasing from a company if their orders came in premium packaging. You can also choose to sell gift packaging as an optional upsell with your products for customers who want beautiful gift packaging included with their order.

Read along for six great packaging ideas for your Etsy products. These packaging options are simple, affordable, and can help your business earn a top notch reputation among the internet.

1. Magnetic Gift Boxes with Self Adhesive Bows

This combination is a simple way to create a luxurious packaging look! Magnetic gift boxes are a high-end gift box option that is great for packaging curated or personalized gifts, candles or decor, luxury spa items, clothing, or jewelry items. These sturdy, reusable boxes with magnetic lid closure can be used to secure your products for shipping while offering a stunning presentation. Some of our customers use them to create bespoke gift boxes to sell on Etsy, or fill them with spa products, candles, gourmet food, or jewelry/clothing. Magnetic boxes can be collapsed for storage to save space and can be reused indefinitely due to their high-quality construction.

Add a self-adhesive ribbon with a pre-tied bow to the lid of your magnetic gift box for instant gift-ready packaging that your customer can give to someone else or reuse for themselves. Or you can decorate the boxes with your own selection of ribbon, twine, string, or other decorative elements. These gift boxes are a high-end packaging option, so we recommend adding the cost into the price of the item or selling the gift box as an optional upcharge to your products. These magnetic boxes are extremely popular and hard to find, so your customers may appreciate the ability to order them alongside their product purchase!

2. Tissue Paper Wraps with Custom Labels

Make your e-commerce packages feel more personal by wrapping individual items with tissue paper and securing them closed with a custom label or sticker with your brand name or logo on it. The individual wrapping of items makes every purchase feel like a luxurious treat to the end customer, whether they are keeping the product for themselves or giving it away as a gift. It also helps cushion and secure your items so they won’t get damaged in the mail. When your customer opens their shipping box, they will still get to experience the joy of unwrapping each individual item and discovering what’s inside.

This method of e-commerce packaging is great for gift items or for self-care items. Customers want a luxury experience at an affordable price and great packaging is an easy way to provide that. Tissue paper can be purchased in a huge variety of colors and design patterns, and can be changed out easily based on the holiday or season. You can also choose to custom design your tissue paper with a print of your logo or chosen graphics. Custom labels can be printed at home with special paper or they can be ordered online. Or you may simply buy stickers or ornate labels to use as-is.

For ultra creative or niche Etsy sellers, you can play around with other materials to wrap your items, such as fabric, wrapping paper, or pouch bags. Then you can use ribbon, twine, washi tape, or string to close your packages. You can also create custom hang tags rather than labels to tie to your goods. Below you can see See Kate Sew changed their packaging for the holidays with striped tissue paper adorned with custom made labels sewn to delicate doily’s for a completely unique look.

3. Drawstring Pouch Bags

For small, delicate gift items like jewelry, drawstring pouch bags are the perfect packaging option. The soft material of the pouch will help protect your items during transit and the drawstring closure keeps it secured. As a bonus, your customer can reuse the pouch when they receive their order, or they can use it as gift packaging. For an added finishing touch, add a ribbon or bow to the top of your drawstring pouch. Pouch bags can be purchased online in multiple sizes, colors, and material options ranging from luxurious silk to faux suede to natural cotton jute.

4. Gourmet Ready-To-Gift Packaging

If you sell gourmet food items online, such as olive oils, hot sauce, jarred items, vinegars, or specialty blends in glass bottles, there is an easy way to package your items in style. These cute folding jar carrier boxes have opening front windows so you can show off the labels to your products directly through the box. A built in handle makes it perfect for transporting or gifting without the need for a separate bag. It may seem odd to package your Etsy food items in a box with a handle, but your customer will likely appreciate the gift-like packaging, especially if they are giving the product to someone else. This packaging is an all-in-one option that eliminates the need for a separate gift bag or box.

5. Magnetic Boxes with Clear Lid Tins

These coordinating magnetic boxes with tin inserts are the perfect way to package gourmet sample sets or gift sets on Etsy. The tins are made with food-grade material and have airtight clear lids to show off what’s inside. There are different sizes of tins that could be used for different products. The tins are great for holding salts, spices, herbs, seasoning blends, candy, chocolates, or even spa items like bath salts and powders. Choose your tins and the corresponding boxes and tin-holder inserts to create a complete set that is ready to be gifted. The beautiful packaging keeps your products secure and offers a stunning presentation when the box is opened by your customer. This packaging also saves customers time and money on gift packaging and increases the value of your items.

6. Curated Gift Packaging

Curated gift boxes and gift sets are all the rage on Etsy right now. Customers can shop from pre-selected hand picked gift boxes or they can create their own with custom product selections that they Etsy seller will package for them. Either way the customer gets a personalized gift box with the gift packaging included. For Etsy sellers who are creating gift box sets to sell online, there are many ways to package your sets for a unique presentation. You can even let your customer choose how to customize the packaging presentation by offering different box styles, tissue paper colors, or added ribbon to make their box completely one of a kind.

Curated gift boxes are a high-end option and as such, they need packaging that is functional, attractive, and ready to be gifted. This generally will include a gift box that can hold the selected items, tissue paper or paper shred to fill the inside of the box, and possibly ribbons or bows to adorn the exterior of the box. Box options for gift sets can include two-piece box and lid sets, magnetic gift boxes, clear lid gift boxes to show off the products inside, or one-piece gift boxes. The interior of the box can be filled depending on how much cushion your items need. Crinkle cut paper shred provides ample volume fill and cushion and comes in many colors. There are also other types of paper shred or fill that can be used, or you can even create your own! Add a personalized finishing touch by opting to include a card or gift tag with the package.

Curated gift box sets with their packaging

Easy DIY Customizations

If you want to enhance your packaging with a custom or personalized element, there are many ways to do it yourself with inexpensive materials. You can create custom labels or tags using a home printer with creation programs that can be found online. You can also order custom made stamps to adorn your packaging. If you prefer the least expensive route, you can hand write thank you notes or draw cute pictures on your order inserts or packaging.

Any way you decide to make your packaging your own will make the unboxing experience even more special for your customers. Selling products on Etsy gives you a chance to reach new audiences and gain lifelong loyal customers. Having memorable, high-quality packaging helps reinforce your branding and earn customer’s loyalty. If you are looking for staple packaging that you can customize and get creative with, check out www.splashpackaging.com!

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