Stock Packaging ‘Made in the USA’
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Jul 18

Stock Packaging ‘Made in the USA’

Help us celebrate America this month by purchasing stock packaging products that are made in the USA! At Splash Packaging, we understand that it’s not practical for every packaging item to come from the US, but our mission is to provide as much high-quality domestically-made packaging as we possibly can. Being a small business ourselves, we know it is always important to support our local economy whenever possible. There are many benefits to supporting local manufacturers and distributors and local packaging exceeds the quality and sustainability expectations of businesses and customers alike. The majority of packaging items you see on our website are manufactured in the USA and also adhere to local environmental requirements for sustainability.


Kraft paper shopping bags are proudly made in the USA, and better yet, you can choose from bags with 51% recycled content or 100% recycled content. These bags are available in natural kraft and white and a variety of functional sizes. Classic natural kraft shopping bags are always a favorite product, they are versatile, durable, and convenient at a reasonable price! These bags can be dressed up with colorful tissue paper, ribbons, and bows to match your brand colors or theme colors.


All of our bakery boxes and cupcake boxes are made in the USA and most of them are made with 100% recycled materials. Bakery boxes come in several colors, are available with or without viewing windows. Choose from classic natural kraft or white, or go bold with chocolate or strawberry colored boxes. Our Cupcake boxes have cupcake inserts available in mini, regular, and jumbo cupcake sizes for versatility and convenience.


All of our premium SatinWrap tissue papers are made in the USA, and feature the highest quality colors, prints, and embellishments. Some of these tissue papers feature ink printing, foil hot stamping, and embedded holographic glitter. These tissue papers exceed standards in durability, color quality, and print quality. We offer tissue paper ideal for any occasion, holiday, or special event you could possibly need.

pws-255Botanicals sold-color-tissue-paper-satinwrap

Pillow boxes are an extremely versatile packaging item that can be purchased in several different colors and sizes from Splash Packaging. These handy and cute little boxes can be used to package gift cards and gift certificates, jewelry, or other small items. Get creative with these boxes and decorate them with ribbon, bows, or other accessories. Our pillow boxes are made in the USA and are shipped directly from the manufacturer in North Carolina.

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Splash Packaging has an outstanding selection of cotton-filled jewelry boxes, in several unique colors and textures to fit any style. Our jewelry boxes come with high-quality synthetic cotton inserts that are true white, and ultra-plush for supporting jewelry items. These boxes are also made in the USA, with varying amounts of recycled materials used in their construction. Some of our unique jewelry box styles include natural kraft, matte tinted colors, textured foils, and other textures like leatherette and embossed grooves. These jewelry boxes are a popular item because of their quality and durability, as well as the unique selection of colors and textures we have available.


Our classic natural kraft giftware boxes are also made in the USA, with 100% recycled materials. These boxes are a staple item for any retailer that needs to package gift items. These boxes feature one-piece construction with folding assembly and tuck top lids, so you never have to worry about storing and buying separate lids. These boxes are easy to use, store, and recycle, making them a customer favorite!

instock-042NatKraftBox (1)

All of these in-stock packaging selections and more are available on; order online any time, day or night!

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