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Aug 02

Solutions for the Environmentally-friendly Consumer

As concern for our environment increases, consumers want to know if companies are doing their part in recycling. Many companies offer eco-friendly solutions for the concerns of the people. What some people don’t realize is that there are two forms of recycling taking place, post-industrial and post-consumer. It’s important to know the difference when considering what kind of recycled products, such as paper bags, to purchase and Splash Packaging offers a variety of options.

Post-industrial, also known as pre-consumer, recycled material means that the content of the product comes from the waste of manufacturing products. While many businesses are implementing ways of producing as little waste as possible, scrap materials still remain after production. So finding ways to utilize these materials is a great way to help reduce their carbon foot-print.

Post-consumer recycled materials are items that have already served its purpose from the consumer and have become waste. Such disposable items include: paper rolls, trimming scraps or even the skin of fruits. The list goes on. These recycled items are then diverted back to companies to become material for other products.

Splash Packaging offers businesses the option to buy recycled paper shopping bags. These Kraft Paper shopping bags are manufactured with two different amounts of recycled content within them. The first paper shopping bag has a squared out bottom and a serrated top. The handles are also crafted with twisted paper, making the handle strong and durable. These bags contain 45% recycled material. 30% of the recycled material is post-consumer; the other 15% is post-industrial. The other Kraft Paper shopping bag is made entirely of recycled material. 95% of the bag is post-consumer while 5% is post-industrial. Both of these bags are recyclable and compostable.

Another Eco-friendly solution to purchasing the right bag for your business is considering buying bags made of bamboo fiber. Bamboo is an option that is great for people that are trying to use fewer paper or plastic items. Bamboo is a renewable resource that grows rapidly. It is also a bio-degradable material that doesn’t cause environmental pollution. Splash Packaging has such a bag! Our Rope Handled Bamboo Eurotote is made from 100% bamboo paper fibers.  Accompanied with a cotton rope handle, bottom board inserts and cardboard reinforced fold over tops, these Bamboo Eurotote shopping bags are stylish and great on the environment.

Splash Packaging provides high-quality, in-stock items that are ready to ship. With a diverse inventory and affordable prices, Splash Packaging is a company that can’t be matched. Contact us today!

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