Packaging Bag Options
By Paper Bags
Jan 15

Packaging Bag Options

The world of packaging offers retailers a dizzying amount of packaging bags to chose from. By selecting the proper packaging bag for your products you ensure product protection, an enhanced brand image, and the ability to bundle. This is why so many businesses worldwide chose to use packaging bags for their merchandise, large or small.

Below are some packaging bag options that can help you make a smart and stylish choice depending on your specific product:

  • Paper Bags, Plastic Bags, Retail Shopping BagsPlastic Bags– These bags work well for merchandisers who wish to display their products in clear packaging. Plastic bags can be used as retail shopping bags to package everything from CDs to clothing as they are easy-to-use and efficient.
  • Poly Bags– The one drawback of standard PVC plastic bags is they cannot come into direct contact with food products. Poly bags on the other hand, are FDA approved for direct food contact and are safe to use in foodservice and carryout packaging. These bags which can be used to package various items such as candy, muffins, cookies or other large baked good items, are also moisture and grease resistant. Poly bags offer the ability to use different closure methods as well. They can be stapled, taped, zip-locked or twist tied and can be custom printed to display a company logo.
  • Paper Bags– Paper shopping bags offer a great designer and eco-friendly option for many retailers looking to specialize their product. Paper bags can be printed in a variety of high quality graphics, colors and textures, which help to create a more unique brand image.
  • Fabric and Mesh Bags– These style of bags offer superior protection but can be a bit more costly. Again, fabric bags such as organza or natural jute can come in a variety of colors and sizes, perfect for wedding favors, jewelry, soaps, candles and just about anything else.

Many businesses have discovered the amazing advantages packaging bags offer.  Don’t wait! Contact Splash Packaging, a company specializing in high quality packaging products, today. We offer a wide variety of packaging bag styles and colors, so you can create a look that best portrays your brand. To learn more about our retail shopping bags, including paper bags, plastic bags and euro totes, call Splash Packaging at 877-699-0529.

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