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May 21

Not all Sustainable Packaging is Created Equal

Due to the accelerated increase of waste generation, many organizations have made it their goal to promote environmental awareness. Many businesses have opted to implement environmentally friendly packaging for their products; however, all packaging is not created equal.

Green packaging, sustainable packaging, eco-friendly packaging are just a few of the names companies are using to refer to packaging that has been manufactured with consideration of the environment.  However, few people realize the variety of plastic that may be used to make bubble packaging or the environmental impact it can have.

Now that the world is going green, suppliers of packaging products are doing everything they can to put an acceptable (and often deceptive) green spin on their current products. The world of sustainable packaging can be confusing and terminology can be innocently or intentionally misleading, but here are some truthful tips regarding sustainable packaging.

  • The higher the recycled content, the better, regardless of whether it’s plastics, corrugated or paperboard.
  • Without a guaranteed minimum of recycled content, the manufacturer of the packaging product is really not providing anything consistently green to you or your customer.
  • Post consumer waste is the best form of waste because that has already been through the life cycle once and is likely to wind up in a land fill if it is not recycled and used again to manufacture new packaging products.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) recently announced a new initiative that will recognize companies for their commitment to sustainability and life cycle thinking. Framework is underway and expected to fully evolve by 2016.

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