Increasing Sales with Unique Gift Card Packaging
By Gift Card Packaging
Apr 09

Increasing Sales with Unique Gift Card Packaging

Who doesn’t love getting a gift card? According to an October 2012 survey done by the National Retail Federation, six in ten Americans would like to receive gift cards as presents. To coincide with the survey, those in the packaging products industry discovered that nearly half of those who buy a gift card also buy something to put the card in.

The packaging products experts at Splash Packaging breakdown our impressive range of gift card and gift box holders that are sure to increase sales and add a touch of creativity to your card


Pillow Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes, Packaging Products

These simple yet chic boxes come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your customer’s gift card needs. They are easy to embellish, add one of our ribbons and Voila! A stunning gift card holder emerges.




Pin Wheel Gift Card Folder

Totally fun and unique, these folders come in every design from patterns to polka dots! Not to mention their made from 100% recycled board and each folder comes with a silver or gold die-cut holder.


Pop Up Gift Boxes

Gift Boxes, Packaging Products

These classics have a cardboard riser so the gift card will pop right up when the box is opened. Made from sturdy paper board, the boxes quality matches its superior design.



Purse Gift Card Holders

Looking to doll up a feminine gift card? These purse style gift boxes are too cute to pass up! If you feel like taking a walk on the wild side try our boxes in matte zebra or leopard. Each holder comes with a matching satin ribbon to make them even a little more luxurious.


Ribbon Tied Gift Certificate Folders

Gift Boxes, Packaging ProductsThese folders have slits to allow a clever ribbon closure. We suggest using a custom printed ribbon for a truly personalized touch or choose one of our in-stock satin ribbon colors.





Looking for a more natural touch? Try our Kraft self-closing folders or our corrugate pillow pack gift boxes which are completely recyclable and compostable.

No longer are gift cards considered too impersonal, in fact the way you present packaging gift cards to customers can make their perceived value as well as your sales go up.

For all your wholesale packaging needs, call Splash Packaging at 877-699-0529 or contact us online.

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