How Should You Package Your Gift Cards?
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Nov 06

How Should You Package Your Gift Cards?

It is estimated that over 100 billion dollars is spent on gift cards each year. With this high spending trend, your company or retail store should think about what gift card packaging options you are offering to customers.

Selling gift card boxes or folders alongside your gift cards is a great way to increase sales, and customers enjoy the convenience of buying gift card holders at the same time and place they purchase a gift card. Splash Packaging offers several different styles of gift card boxes and folders, each with their own unique qualities and advantages. You may want to choose your gift card packaging based on the size and type of gift cards you offer, as well as your desired look.


Here are some Splash Packaging options for standard 3” x 7” paper gift certificates:


For paper gift certificates, you may want to choose from our Self Folding Gift Certificate Folders, Ribbon Tied Gift Certificate Folders, or Pillow Gift Boxes in the appropriate size for your certificate.

Self folding and ribbon tied gift certificate folders are perfect for spa, retail, and resort gift certificates. These are simple and sophisticated options in neutral colors, and the ribbon tied folders can be customized with a ribbon of your choice. Both include side and top folds to hold certificates securely in place.

Natural kraft paper gift certificate folders

Self closing gift certificate folders are a simple and elegant option in natural kraft paper.

Folding ribbon tied gift certificate folders

Ribbon tied gift certificate folders are available in two sizes; ribbon is not included. See our selection of ribbons here

Pillow Boxes are more versatile as they can also be used for small gift items and three dimensional items. Our pillow boxes come in different sizes and colors and we also offer a corrugated option for a natural textured look.

Corrugated pillow boxes, gift card boxes

Corrugated pillow boxes are available in two sizes; the 8” x 4” x 1.5” is ideal for gift certificates. These look great with our Wraphia or ribbon tied around them.

Here are some Splash Packaging options for standard credit card sized gift certificates:

standard gift card

A Pillow Gift Box is a great versatile option, they are available in many colors and also in a natural kraft corrugated texture. Splash Packaging’s 5” x 3” pillow boxes are the perfect size for standard gift cards, and they ship flat so you don’t have to worry about taking up storage space. These can also be decorated with a ribbon or bow to create a polished and presentable look.

Pillow Gift Boxes, Colors and Prints

Pillow gift boxes are available in many colors and three sizes. Decorate with a ribbon, bow or pom-pom of your choice!

Purse Style Gift Card Boxes are a cute and stylish option for your standard gift cards. Each purse style box comes with a matching ribbon to tie it closed, and ships flat for efficient storage. These boxes come in unique colors and prints, and are a great option for retailers. These triangular purse boxes can also be used for other small gift items like jewelry or keychains.

Ribbon tied purse shaped gift boxes

Purse style gift card boxes are a customer favorite!

Our Pop-Up Gift Card Boxes are a ready to use option, they are a rigid box (like a jewelry box) that has a slot to hold the gift card in place. When you open this box the gift card pops up immediately, and provides an elegant presentation to the gift recipient.

Pop-up Gift Card Boxes

Pop-up gift card boxes are a sophisticated choice for presenting gift cards.

Some other options for standard gift cards are the Ribbon Tied Gift Certificate Folders and the Pinwheel Gift Card Folders, which are both flat folded designs. Pinwheel gift card folders are a more whimsical style, and they come with a die-cut insert to hold the gift card securely in place.

Pinwheel gift card folders with inserts

Pinwheel gift card folders are fun and fashionable, and come with a card insert in silver or gold with slots to hold the gift card in place.

If you want to customize your gift card packaging, customization options include:

  • Custom printed ribbon
  • Hot stamping
  • Printing
  • Custom labels
  • Custom gift cards and gift certificates

For more information on these custom options for your gift card packaging, contact our affiliate company Morgan Chaney. Morgan Chaney’s talented packaging consultants can assist you in developing custom packaging programs for your business.

Custom Foil Hot Stamp Ribbon


All of the in-stock gift card boxes and folders shown above are available on the Splash Packaging website for online ordering. In just a few clicks you can have any of these items delivered directly to your door. We pride ourselves on easy ordering and quick shipping!

We also offer discounts for high volume purchases!

See how Splash Packaging can elevate your brand with exceptional quality & style.

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