Beautiful Gift Wrapping Without Breaking the Bank
By Packaging Resources
Mar 12

Beautiful Gift Wrapping Without Breaking the Bank

Creating a beautifully wrapped product or gift doesn’t have to be expensive to be festive. With the economy still a bit shaky, more and more business owners are looking to wholesale packaging sites to provide economical wrapping solutions.

Below we provide you with a few cost-effective, high-quality gift wrap ideas:

Wholesale Packaging, Ribbon, Gift Wrap1. Colorful Apparel Boxes

These two-piece, durable boxes come in a variety of appealing colors and sizes and can be made to coordinate with any of our in-stock tissue papers and shopping bags, to create your own personalized program. What’s more, these boxes look so nice on their own you can skip the wrapping paper all together. But if you want to add a little something, why not opt for reasonably priced ribbon to create a stunning, budget-friendly package!

2. Printed Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is quite the bargain, costing only a few cents per sheet! With our wide range of tissue paper offerings, your gift wrapping options are limitless. Tissue paper is a creative substitute for more costly wrapping paper and any package wrapped in printed or pearlesence paper is sure to be a stand-out gift.

3. Cello Wrap

There’s something fun about a cello wrapped gift or product, maybe it’s the sneak peek it provides at all the goodies stored inside! Our cello wrap rolls can be easily cut, folded or bent – great for wrapping any size basket or gift set. One simple way to use cello wrap, is to place a sheet of cello down on a flat surface. Next, place your gift on top in the middle and pull the 4 edges up and over the top of the gift. Lastly, try our beautiful bella terra ribbon or curling ribbon as a practical and dazzling way to keep the wrap in place.

To find out more about our vast selection of gift wrap, ribbon, apparel boxes, and other wholesale packaging products, call Splash Packaging at  877-699-0529 or Contact Us.

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